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Of Ink & Pearls


Welcome Writers

Writing can be a lonely endeavor, but it doesn't have to be.

Whether your book is a wispy idea or a published novel, we are happy to help at any stage.

Here at Of Ink & Pearls we believe each author deserves a personalized path to success.

Featured Author

Robin Goldblum

"If you are planning on self-publishing, Of Ink and Pearls is the perfect company to help you. Lindsey is very detail-oriented and knows all the ins and outs of the business. I had such an amazing time with the photoshoot she organized and all the promotional items for my book."

Author Services

Developmental Editing

Line Editing

Historical Accuracy



Custom Covers

E-books and Print

Worldwide Distribution

Audiobook Production


Amazon Ads

Book Signings

Author Websites

Book Trailers



Online Learning

Printable Resources

Group Coaching


The Personal Touch

Your story deserves to be more than just another cog in a book factory. Unlike a large corporation, our company works with just a few authors at a time and never take a share of royalties.

Whether you want to become a full-time author or just share a message with the world, we can help you reach your dreams.


Your assigned "fairy godmother" will work with you to create a publishing plan that meets your goals within your budget.

A great place to start is by exploring different publishing options. Let's find your perfect publishing path!