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Lindsey A. Teske

I have a passion for history, books, happy endings, and pearls. They are the only gem that prefers to be worn, I just have to rescue them from cold display cases. It has been incredibly rewarding to be a part of the interesting and varied works my authors share with me. Victorian England is utterly fascinating, but I enjoy reenacting many different eras. I have had the privilege of visiting museums on 4 continents.

Learning continuously is one of the best parts of my job.

Your Story + My Experience

A Smashing Success


Huzzah! You are in a bestselling category!

Romance novels sell more titles than any other form of literature, and historical romance is one of the largest sub-genres. Readers are spoiled for choice. Luckily, I can make you stand out with historically accurate details and an in-depth literary analysis of your characters and plot. Together we can make your story shine.

A Reenactor, Researcher & Reader

Let someone who has literally worn petticoats help you with the little details and big plot twists that make your work feel authentic and alive. I have been doing living history reenactments for over a decade. My research connections give me access to amazing primary sources from all eras. An avid reader, I have devoured over 1,000 historical romance novels.


Historical Fiction

It is always embarrassing when your intended bride throws you over. It is even worse to find out through the gossip mill. If he had been seated at a different table in the Grand Hotel dining room that night, Gerald might not have heard for days.


“Are you going to the Rowan ball?”


His ears perked up at the mention of his lady love’s family name. His ship had arrived weeks early and no one knew he was in London yet. He was hungry for plain English fare and news of home. It had been nearly 4 years since he had a decent pudding.

The lady with the ostrich-plumed hat nodded vigorously. “I’m dying to meet the Mr. Wyatt that scooped up the Rowan chit. People can’t decide if he is an uncouth merchant or a genteel investor. There are even rumors that there is family pressure against the match. It should be entertaining either way.”

Gerald swore softly and grabbed his hat. Annalise knew damn well she was promised to him. So what was she doing getting engaged to another chap?

He strode out into the weak English sunshine. It was hard to believe this light came from the same sun that gilded India with such rich heat. The streets were full of a tide of people and Gerald could see that the carriages went no faster than the pedestrians. He would get to the Rowan townhouse quicker riding his anger than a horse.