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Illustrations for Christmas

I'm starting to get a trickle of the illustrations for Sofia Michelle's book "Connections to True Self." It is a bit like an early Christmas. It is so rewarding the see her stories brought to life in such a vital way. I am starting to consider dusting off some of the stories I've written for my kids and turning them into a book. Hey, why not?

Here is a lovely portrait of Amiga, the cat from the story "Boredom." The main character is challenged to get all As in order to get a cat, and turns boredom into accomplishment.

This is probably my favorite illustration. Sun and Moon grow up as best friends, but Moon decides she would rather be popular than be friends with silly Sun. Moon gets her wish, and hurts Sun. It takes time and a dream, but Sun discovers her own happiness. A very sweet story with an adorable coloring page to go with it.

These delightful drawings were created by Fabiana Trerè.

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