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The Editing Process

How we polish your work

First Chapter Review

3-5 days

First, we need to define your dreams for your book. Then you send me your very first chapter, a quick summary of the book and a word count. I will edit the first 5,000 words and create a specific plan for publishing and marketing your novel.


FREE for new clients

Developmental Edit

3-6 weeks

I will consider your entire work for strengths and weaknesses. You will receive a character analysis and specific suggestions to improve your plot and pacing. Many authors choose to do a rewrite after this in-depth feedback.

Short Stories: $16 per thousand words

Novels: $20 per thousand words

Outline Review: $100

Line Edit

2-4 weeks

Language is polished in an intensive line-by-line edit. I will check to make sure your story is factually correct, internally consistent and easy to read.

Short Stories: $14 per thousand words

Novels: $16 per thousand words

Beta Readers

4-8 weeks

In this optional step, we will send your book out to real readers who will give their honest opinion. This is an excellent way to get feedback and reviews before publication.

Included in some publishing packages.


2-3 weeks

The final stage catches any small errors in grammar and punctuation. Now your book is polished and ready for formatting!

Short Stories: $12 per thousand words

Novels: $14 per thousand words

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