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Magical Book Marketing

Learn to attract your dream readers — who are looking for a book just like yours!

Is your book gathering dust on Amazon's shelves, and you don't know what to do about it?

You need a marketing plan. And I can help.

What if you knew exactly how to attract readers to your book?

Do you want a fanbase of readers begging for your next story?


Would you like to sell more books with less effort?

This is the class for you.


Create a Happily Ever After for Your Book Sales

What you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what YOUR ideal readers want to hear from you

  • Simple tricks to look as good as the traditional authors

  • How to turn your followers into super readers

  • My favorite tools to make marketing effortless


What the program includes:

  • 7 live video calls with me

  • 1 one-on-one coaching session

  • 3 months of email support

  • Printable worksheets and resources

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How long will the program take?

First class is June 24!

The recorded calls will be held every 2 weeks. I am available to answer your questions and give feedback over a 3 month period.


The Course covers:

  • Finding your Super Readers

  • Building a Beautiful Brand Kit

  • Creating a Social Media Plan

  • Easy Email Marketing

  • The Silent Power of Amazon Ads

  • Facebook's Superpower

  • The Cheapest Way to Sell Books

What’s been said about the program?

“I just gained over 1,000 followers in 2 weeks, and they are all excited for my book!”

Katherine D Graham

“Lindsey is the best! She took my books "The Section 8 Bible series" from sitting dormant on Amazon and barely making sales to absolutely crushing it on Amazon!”

Mike McLean

“Thank you!!! I sold 3 times more books this month after following your advice.”

Jessica Clements