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Lindsey A. Teske

Your Story + My Experience

A Smashing Success

Do you write romance?


Huzzah! You are in a bestselling category.

Romance novels sell more titles than any type of book, and historical romance is the second the largest subgenre (after contemporary).


Readers are spoiled for choice. Luckily, I can make you stand out with compelling characters and historically accurate details. I will use my knowledge of literature, theater, psychology and history to make your story shine.

Let someone who has literally worn petticoats help you with the little details and big plot twists that make your work feel authentic and alive.


I have been doing living history reenactments for over a decade. My research connections give me access to amazing primary sources from all eras. An avid reader, I have devoured over 1,000 historical romance novels.

I want you read yours next.

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