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12 Indie bookstores that will stock your book

Ready to see your book on the shelves? An author consignment program at a local bookstore might be perfect for you.

Indie bookstores are owned by people who love books. It's not surprising that many are willing to help local authors, as long as it is a win-win situation.

If you'd like to see your book in a local bookstore you should try to make your book as polished as possible. Then contact your local bookstore with a clear plan. Even simple things like signing the books beforehand can make them sell better.

What to expect:

-They will only accept books that they think will sell. Books from obscure genres or poor quality will just take up space in their store. They are trying to run a business too.

-They ask for a reasonable fee to cover their time. It takes time to process, tag and bill an author for a few books. I’ve seen fees from $15 to $59.

-The standard split is 60/40. That means if a $10 book sells you will get $6.

-They will keep a specific number of books for a specific time. You are responsible for picking them back up.

-Extra marketing comes from you. Ask if you can host an event like a book signing.

Still excited? Try these or similar indie bookstores near you:

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