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The one book I wish all authors read

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

As an editor there are lots of things I can fix. Grammatical errors are the easiest, but I've also been called upon to spruce up dialogue, tighten plots and streamline language. The one thing that I can't do is make a flat character interesting. And for every author I recommend the same book.

"45 Master Characters" gets writers to ask the right questions of their characters. I really couldn't care less what your heroine's favorite color is. By contrast, knowing her relationship with her mom might help the reader understand why she avoids relationships, or became a tattoo artist.

The book gives a thorough description of male and female archetypal characters, their motivations and potential goals. I really love the suggestions of other character to pair them with who will make them grow.

Enjoy a quick preview of the book. I'd love to hear how to book helped you, or if you have another favorite resource.

This Amazon Affiliates link is provided for your convenience. I may make a small commission from your purchase, but using this link will not affect your price or the author's royalty.

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