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Getting the most out of the Historical Romance Retreat

I am addicted. The Historic Romance Retreat exceeds everything I could imagine. Five days in a historic California hotel with 35 best-selling and indie authors, including several brand-new favorites. I am headed back in a hurry.

The Mission Inn, site of the 2018 Historical Romance Retreat


1. Wear a costume with comfy shoes

The Mission Inn hotel is built in the Spanish mission style with lots of gorgeous courtyards filled with fountains, mosaics and statuary. That also means that going from point A to point B is never a straight line. Costumes serve as icebreakers, make you memorable and where else are you going to wear that tiara anyway?

2. Embrace technology

Yes, Mary Wine was wearing historically accurate knickers. But cameras, Facebook and business cards can add a lot to your experience and serve as memory aids.

3. Double dip the talks

Thursday and Friday each had 12 talks. They ranged from good to amazing. Kathryn LaVeque has written 54 books set in the medieval period, and her depth of knowledge was amazing. When her talk ended 15 minutes early I chose not to do the craft and snuck into a talk about Jack the Ripper.

4. Budget for several meals in the hotel

Sure, you could run across the road and grab a slice of pizza for $2.50, but you would miss out on the bonding possible over joining a random group of readers and writers in one of the hotel restaurants. If you look at it that way, your $15 sandwich is practically an investment!

Author Anna Harrington and Editor Lindsey Teske at the Historic Romance Retreat

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