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Playing cover model

I had a fabulous time playing cover model with Period Images's Connor Floyd. It's he gorgeous!

As suggested, I got professional hair and makeup for the shoot. I suggest bringing pictures of period makeup if you are looking for a completely authentic look. The hair girl was quick and awesome. You can't tell that my hair is barely shoulder length.

Floyd was warm and easy to pose with. We did several poses and got lots of great photos in just a few minutes.

I really appreciated that Period Finery helped me fix my dress, even though I hadn't rented from them. They wanted the shoot to work well too. The package includes 4-6 digital photos with and without watermarks. You can purchase the print rights to feature on your own cover for just $12.

Are you eager to try? There will be opportunities in New Orleans and California this year.

I wish Connor the best in his acting career. Which photo is your favorite?

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