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The best investment in your book

There are many types of professional services offered to indie authors. Why would anyone pay for a book review? you might wonder. And if I have Photoshop, why would I need a professional cover design?

Here is a list of suggested investments by Edition Guard

The very first on is (drum roll, please.)


It is impossible for you to edit your own book. Okay, not like licking-your-elbow impossible but more like chalk-isn't-edible impossible. (Yes, I live with a toddler.)

People who like you will tell you the nice stuff about your book. That is important. All authors need positive feedback sometimes, just like everyone needs a little chocolate in their lives. It will make you feel nice, but it won't make your story any better.

And now you think, I know some tough critics that would tell me straight out that they hated it. Why would you let mean people read your book? Don't do that! Ever. Karate chop it out of their hands if need be. And get video, because that is YouTube gold.

You know that clean but achy feeling after a satisfying workout. (Yeah, it's been a while for me too.) That is how you should feel after reading an editor's comments. Tired, a little sore, but excited and headed somewhere good.

That is how I want you to feel reading my comments.

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