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Hottest trends in romance

While at a recent book conference, I had the opportunity to talk to an acquisitions editor for SourceBooks. (You know, the largest woman-owned publishing company in the Western hemisphere.)

She shared that the demand for these types of romance books has only gotten stronger. Novels are more likely to be picked up if they have new twists and strong writing.

  • Romantic Comedy is an easy sell.

  • Historical Romance: Regency stories about upper-class characters who enjoy balls and great sex

  • Romantic Suspense: law enforcement heroes with fun banter. No grievous injuries please. They wreck the mood.

  • Paranormal: Apex predator shifters are hot.

  • Fantasy: YA stories with adult characters. Under 18 romances aren't cool.

  • Contemporary: Stories of a woman's journey with a clear voice and a satisfying ending

If you have a great story in these subgenres you might want to consider pitching to an agent or publisher first. Or you might want to tweak your current story to fit a little better in a best-selling niche.

Do you look at industry trends when you are choosing your next project? I know I have far more writing project ideas than time these days.

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