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20 ways for your readers to love you back

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Everyone has super readers. Your family, your writing group, your launch team. They are jazzed to help you. Buying your book is a given, but you can ask for their help before the book is even available for sale. Give them new ways to stay involved every week or 2 until the book has been released for a month.

Out of ideas? Try asking your team to do one of these things:

  1. Join the Facebook page

  2. Sign up for the newsletter

  3. Start reading the ARC

  4. Post your favorite line on social media

  5. Preorder the book

  6. Share a photo of the book on social media

  7. Add it to your Goodreads “to-be-read” shelf

  8. Request it in your library

  9. RSVP to the Facebook launch party

  10. Request the book on Overdrive after release

  11. Email 3 friends who would love the book

  12. RSVP for the local signing

  13. Ask for it at a local bookstore

  14. Tell your librarian about it

  15. Share a character quiz

  16. Attend the Facebook launch party

  17. Share a 1 sentence review

  18. Change your profile pic to your favorite character

  19. Send a sale announcement to your friend

  20. Vote on the cover for the next book

Remember to always thank your team and give them fun ways to celebrate. Signed bookplates are always appreciated, as are bonus scenes.

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