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Perfect Halloween Read

Secret kisses, undead outlaws and not enough gunpowder.

Enjoy a Wild West Zombie Romance for Spooky October. The ebook is less than a dollar this week. But even better, Robin is offering a free story to her newsletter subscribers.

This free story is called a reader magnet. They are a very powerful tool for indie authors. Think of all those free samples at fancy grocery stores, or all the authors you discovered first in a library who now sit on your bookshelves.

For this reader magnet we pulled out a second romance from the original story, so this happens during the same time period as the original book. JD did a fanatic job keeping to covers consistent. Of course, having all those extra photos from the cover shoot helped!

We are using BookFunnel because of its large communities of author newsletter swaps. Indie authors helping indie authors sounds great to me.

Would you consider offering a reader magnet?

I receive a small commission on Amazon Affiliate links. This does not affect your price or compensation due to the author.

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