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Mostly As

The Sharer

If sharing your story is more important than royalties, an organic growth strategy might be the right fit. Share your story for free online and focus on developing your craft. Your fanbase will grow organically based on the strength of the story. Success stories include 50 Shades of Grey.


Pros: Share your story on a budget. Publish instantly.

Cons: Earning serious money from a viral story very unlikely

Next Steps: Explore free resources to improve your writing. Join a writers' critique group such as Scribophile.

Mostly Bs

The Doer

You are ready to invest in your awesome story. This path lets you stay in the driver’s seat and retain all the creative control and profits from your book. Every week self-published authors hit bestseller lists, win awards and get stocked in libraries.

Pros: Publish your book on your own terms, within a few months.

Cons: Upfront financial investment.

Next steps: Learn more about self-publishing. Sign up for a publishing consultation.

Mostly Cs

The Traditionalist

Your book might be a good fit for the traditional publishing industry. Polish your on-trend book and shop it around to reputable literary agents first. A strong query letter and a history of writing awards will increase your chances.

Pros: Best print distribution network. More time to write.

Cons: Hard work to get accepted. Few creative rights. Low royalties.

Next Step: Get a short story professionally edited. Then submit it to a prestigious writing contest to get the attention of an agent.

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